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Samsung Chromebook Plus Convertible Touch Laptop (XE513C24-K01US) Review

Samsung Chromebook Plus Convertible Touch Laptop (XE513C24-K01US) Review


Model: XE513C24-K01US



    • Flexible 360° profile. Enables you to use upright as a computer to reply to emails or finish a paper and recline for a tablet view ideal for surfing and viewing
    • This Device comes with the pen out of the box. Power to personalize your communications by writing directly on screen. Take notes, make a sketch, capture part of the screen, etc
    • All the apps you love on your phone are now available on your computer. Over a million apps are waiting for you. Find your favorites or explore what’s new
    • Your world doesn’t have to hit pause when you’re not online. Continue to get things done using docs and apps in offline mode
    • Makes it easy to carry with you wherever the day takes you. Turn heads with a full, metal design that’s a touch above the typical Chromebook
    • Speed (GHz):2Ghz.



XE513C24-K01US Reviews

“Great Small Tablet/Laptop”

DecisionUpdate March 17, 2017*Having utilized the Samsung Chromebook Plus every day since I got it, and mostly ignoring my MacBook Pro with 15 Retina Display, I feel that the Plus is the first real iPad killer Ive come across. By that I mean, it fulfills the promise to replace a laptop for virtually all uses while addressing the shortcomings of tablets. The computer keyboard is built in, there’s a track pad and touch screen with stylus, no distinct case is required, and the rotating display provides genuinely useful orientations. Its fast, battery life is great, charging is fast, the screen is excellent, it can drive external displays, and its pretty mild. The Chrome browser is first rate, and it can run thousands of programs! Ive been using the Plus extensively at home and while traveling for surfing, watching videos, taking handwritten notes (see upgrade on LectureNotes under), email, photographs, reading Kindle novels, songs, maps, games – you name it. The Plus and others like it are the mobile do-it-all apparatus of the future. *Original Review and upgrades*Ive had a couple days to play the Chromebook Plus and so far I really like it! Ive been looking to replace my Samsung Tab Guru 12.2 tablet computer (the Note Pro without a pencil). The Chromebook Plus seemed perfect as it can be folded over to be a tablet computer, and can also be used as a regular notebook. Plus it runs Chrome and Android apps.Overall I really like it. Its size is just right, a bit heavier than the Tab / Notice Guru and a bit squarer (see attached contrast pictures). The screen is really great and I just need to place it on 1/2 brightness. Its aspect ratio is 3:2 which is perfect for browsing and using as a tablet computer. The touchscreen works. I really like that I dont want a unique case to prop up it; the 360 degree hinge allows you to situate the screen at whatever angle you choose.Chrome runs really well. Its about twice as quickly as the Tab / Notice Pro tablet (see attached Octane benchmark image). Having windows is excellent and I have over 20 tabs open in 4 windows with no difficulties. Windows are only available in notebook mode. In tablet mode it makes every app full screen. Im expecting tablet mode to get windows when the inherent Android subsystem becomes upgraded from Marshmallow into Nougat.Android apps generally get the job done really well. The Kindle app is fantastic. Google photos, Google Inbox, NY Times, all work fine but often I find no requirement to get an Android app if there is a Chrome web version of the program. Google Maps is far better on Chrome since it shows you the 3D satellite perspective. Google Inbox is quicker on the program version though I use this. Sonos does not work as of the writing, as it could not find my Sonos system. Ive opened a ticket with them. *Update May 25, 2017* Sonos works now.I loaded up the Asphalt 8 road racing program and it was quite responsive. I didnt see some stuttering as seen on some of the online reviews of this Chromebook Pro. Move figure!Battery life is great, Im becoming between 7 and 9 hours. Apps that employs the CPU a lot can lessen that quickly. To see which tabs / apps are using the most CPU, it is possible to bring up the task manager by pressing the hunt and esc keys. Ive discovered that tabs which arent observable dont use as much CPU. Amazon frequently utilizes a lot of CPU when its tab is visible, so I shut it or change to another tab when not utilizing it. For some reason the Google Hangouts extension was eating a lot of CPU, so I disabled it.The keyboard functions well, even though it’s somewhat mushy and the delete key is too small so that I often press equals by error. The touch pad works well for just two finger scrolling and you’ll be able to enable tap and drag Accessibility settings. It has a slight rebound when two finger scrolling down a web page; when you lift your fingers the page scrolls goes back a tiny bit from the opposite direction which you were scrolling. I expect Google/Samsung can handle this shortly. *Update Feb 18, 2017* This was fixed by a recent upgrade, there’s no longer any rebound back.The Samsung Chromebook Plus appears to be a real keeper! A few here have suggested awaiting the Chromebook Pro, but Im not sure that makes sense as the Plus is here today, is fast and reliable, and is a pleasure to use! DecisionUpdate Feb 18, 2017*I am having Bluetooth problems. Occasionally it cuts in and out while enjoying music on the Google Music web site. Or it’ll quit playing through the Bluetooth speaker and begin playing through the built in speakers, even though the Bluetooth link remains established. Hope this can be fixed soon! *Update Mar 4, 2017* This will be fixed soon in ChromeOS 57. *Update May 25, 2017* Bluetooth is functioning fine now.I discovered a very wonderful note taking program that responds to stress in the stylus, known as Squid. There’s a toolkit add-on for $2.99 that provides more features like geometric shapes. *Update Feb 21, 2017*Im finding I can have lots of Chrome windows and tabs available, many over proposed in reviews. Right now for example, I’ve 41 tabs on 13 windows open. *Update Feb 22, 2017*For those of you who prefer to keep a lot of windows and tabs open (tab hoarding), I discovered this great Chrome extension called The Great Discarder. It automatically suspends idle tabs on reduce Chrome memory usage using Chromes native tab shedding. If you do see a suspended tab automatically reloads. With this extension you can have as many tabs available as you would like! Get it at the Chrome web store. *Update Feb 28, 2017*I set up the Android version of Skype for Company to attend work meetings. I found that clicking web links to Skype encounters didn’t work. The link is opened from the Chromebooks Chrome browser, which doesnt know how to send it to Skype, because Chromebooks Chrome is not a Android program. I found a work-around, which is to set up Chrome for Android. Now when I click a Skype web link from an Android app, I can choose whether to open it in the Chromebooks Chrome or in Androids Chrome. Opening it into Androids Chrome, it then gets passed to the Skype Android program. DecisionUpdate Mar 4, 2017*I looked at a few of the notice taking apps on the Play shop, including Squid, INKredible, SketchBook, HandWrite Pro Note and tug, and LectureNotes. LectureNotes isnt as flashy as some of the others, and the port isn’t as pretty, but it is extremely comprehensive in how you set it up and make use of it. Pressure sensitive stylus, custom pencils and eraser, draw with stylus / eliminate finger, basic geometric shapes, really good selection tools, layers… about the only thing it fell down was it doesnt go full display in the tablet portrait mode.LectureNotes was the only one which allowed me import a PDF and then select, copy, cut, and paste from the PDF itself as opposed to simply drawing over it. To find PDF import functionality you need to download the programmers PDFView program.

Samsung Chromebook Plus Convertible Touch Laptop (XE513C24-K01US) Review | XE513C24-K01US Review